Anna Aagenes – Executive Director

Anna became the Executive Director of the organization in April 2012 and has been a member of GO! Athletes since 2010. As a middle distance runner at the University of Pennsylvania, she was the Captain of Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country Team, a Division I NCAA Regional qualifier, and is a school record holder in three middle distance relay. Anna graduated from Penn in May, 2010 as a member of Phi Betta Kappa and received the Penn Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alumni Association Award for her LGBTQA activism.

While at Penn, Anna was a co-chair of PATH (Penn Athletes and Allies Tackling Homophobia) and the Queer Student Alliance. PATH was the first undergraduate student group in the country to address LGBTQ inclusion in sports. Anna remains an avid runner and a board member of Team Philadelphia, the umbrella organization for the city’s LGBTQ sports leagues. 


Jenelle DeVits – Director of Finance and Development

Originally from Boston, MA, Jenelle is a former NCAA Division I basketball player at University of New Hampshire.  She walked on to the team as a freshman and worked her way to a full-scholarship by her junior season.  As an out student-athlete, Jenelle worked tirelessly on educating and advocating for the elimination of homophobia in sport.  She was a member of the President’s Commission on the Status of LGBT Issues and was also awarded the “Wildcat Award” her junior season and the “Movers and Shakers” award. In February 2008, Jenelle became involved in creating Our Group, an LGBT network for student-athletes and allies.   

Through her work with the Our Group, Jenelle has presented at Ithaca College's Sport, Culture, and Sexuality Conference, was a panelist on "A Coaches Guide to Effective Policy and Practice Addressing Homophobia in Collegiate Women's Basketball" at the 2010 Women's Basketball Coaching Association conference in San Antonio, TX, and was a panelist at the IvyQ Conference at Columbia University.  Jenelle is also an Advisory Board Member for GLSEN's Sports Project. She currently attends Hofstra School of Law in New York where she is an LGBT Rights Fellow.


Brian Goldthorpe – Media Relations Director 

Brian joined the Board of Directors for GO! Athletes in July 2012. He is an expert in public / media relations, target marketing, and brand messaging, as well as healthcare and political communication. Brian is the Founder and President of Privileged Communication, LLC, a Washington, DC - based consulting firm. Since its inception in 2008, Privileged Communication has accumulated a lengthy list of clients in DC and Philadelphia, including Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, the Yerger Group, Whitman-Walker Health, Brian Sims / Sims4PA, the Giampolo Law Group, the Health Education Initiative, OUT Magazine, NeoStem,, the Philadelphia Weekly, Cohen Assurance, Capriccio Café & Espresso Bars. 

Brian came OUT during his senior year at Denison and he remains one of the most decorated athletes in the school’s history. During his junior year, Brian anchored the 200-yard freestyle-relay to a National Championship at NCAAs. His undergrad achievements include a membership in Phi Beta Kappa honor society, the NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship, and being named First-Team Verizon Academic All American in 2001. Brian also earned 11 NCAA Division III All-American certificates in swimming. He returned to the pool to compete in the Gay Games in 2006 in Chicago where he collected 7 medals, including individual wins in the 50 -meter freestyle and 50-meter butterfly.


Sean Smith – Communications Director 

Originally from Oklahoma, Sean was a swimmer at the University of Arizona, but transferred to Rutgers University where he went on to win multiple Big East titles and set Big East records in the 400 IM and the 500 Free (both of which have been broken).  Sean was also voted captain his senior year and was then hired as an assistant coach after graduating in 2005.  

After his coming out story was published on, Sean was selected to the 2007 Out 100 and was introduced to several other former LGBT student-athletes. that experience and hearing about Andrew starting the Our Group chapter at Purdue University, Sean felt he had to be a part of something that could help change the culture in the sports world.  Sean has been a contributing member of Our Group since 2008 and believes Our Group can provide that lacking resource for LGBT and questioning student-athletes and allies. Sean continue to compete as a competitive swimmer, recently traveling to Iceland to represent his club team based out of New York City.


Becca Lindquist

Becca graduated from UC Berkeley after competing for 4 years as a Division I Rower (2 years at UC Davis and 2 years at UC Berkeley) winning PAC 10 and PAC 12 Championships as well as an NCAA Championship in the Women's Varsity 4 in 2011.  She co-founded the Cal Student Athlete Gay-Straight Alliance (SAGSA) with a teammate and boat-mate Heather Hargreaves in 2012 and she continues to serve as an advisor for SAGSA to help create an inclusive environment for athletes at her school.



Heather Hargreaves 

Heather, class of 2013, rowed at UC Berkeley for four years.  She is a 4-time PAC-12 champion and earned a 3rd place finish at NCAAs 2012, and 2nd place finish at NCAAs 2013 both in the second varsity eight.  Heather and teammate co-founded Cal's first student-athlete GSA and they continue to be advocates for LGBT inclusion within Cal athletics and other colleges across the country.  Heather was awarded the Bettina Bents award for loyalty, proficiency, and spirit by her coaches. 


Jay Hayes

Jay played volleyball at NYU and was 4-year starter, 3-time captain, and holds 3 records (most sets played in a season at 117, most digs in a single match at 22, and most digs in a career at 786). He was a United Volleyball Conference 2012 Honorable Mention and member of the Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee Spring Honor Roll and recipient of the 2012 Department of Athletics MLK Humanitarian Award. During his senior season, he produced the NYU Athletics "It Gets Better" Video with the intent of not only increasing the visibility of gay athletes/coaches, but to send a message of hope to young athletes struggling with their own sexuality. He now works at Accenture in Chicago.




Chris Mosier

Chris Mosier is a nationally sponsored athlete, coach, educator and advocate. As a 3-time Ironman finisher and the first openly transgender Ironman triathlete, he was named 2013's "Athlete of the Year" at the Compete Sports Diversity Awards. Chris is the founder of, a resource for students, athletes, coaches, and administrators to find information about trans* inclusion in athletics at various levels of play. He is a Safe Zone coordinator, a crisis hotline volunteer with the New York City Anti-Violence Project, and a consultant for colleges and sports leagues on how to make their organizations more inclusive.