GO! Athletes was created in January 2008 when seven current and former LGBTQ athletes came together to discuss the different issues and challenges LGBTQ athletes face (particularly student-athletes) and ways they could help eliminate anti-LGBTQ bias within athletics. We believed that by creating a space and network where former and current student-athletes could access existing resources for LGBTQ athletes, as well as safely and easily communicate with other LGBTQ athletes, that we could help others feel empowered to come out and support one another.

With the help of John Amaechi, Pat Griffin, Jeff Sheng, and Ted Rybka, we started locating and contacting other LGBTQ student-athletes in order to make the dream of creating an LGBTQ student-athlete and ally organization a reality. Since 2008, we have traveled across the country, spoken on panels, hosted events, and gradually formed of dedicated advocates, partners, and an all-star advisory team.
We have dedicated years to lay foundation for this unique LGBTQ network. Through our evolution, we continue to provide resources and support to LGBTQ athletes and allies across the nation. GO! Athletes continues to grow each day as we meet more LGBTQ athletes, hear their stories, and offer a place where student-athletes, former or current, can fearlessly take part in a growing community of like-minded individuals.

Whether people utilize the GO! website, engage in one of our Network Calls, or attend one of the advertised conferences and panels, GO! Athletes hopes to offer the resources and support that any athlete may want or need.