"My Gay Coach" by Erwin Mullins

“My Gay Coach” by Erwin Mullins

Erwin Mullins is a 17 year old senior at Saunders High School in Yonkers, NY and currently serves as captain of the Blue Devils Boy's varsity basketball team. His coach, Anthony Nicodemo recently came out to the team as a gay man.

Erwin was featured on Good Morning America responding to Nicodemo's story.

“I’m gay,” he told our basketball team. The day that our Coach opened up to us about being gay was the day our team also became a whole lot closer. Coach Nicodemo said he was scared more scared about how we would react than telling the media. The only thing that changed was that we knew. 

I am constantly asked,  Did you see it coming?” “How’d you guys react?” and I always have the same response: “Nobody saw it coming.” My coach doesn’t necessarily look like the stereotypical gay guy so it took about 5 minutes to process that what he just told us.  After that, we went back to practice and later we were able to ask him more questions about what it is like being a gay coach. 

We are a family and we don’t have to hide anything from each other. We all have the common goal and that’s to win. Nothing is going to come between that.

This experience has just made us closer as a team and I often forget that this even happened since nothing has changed.